Primaris Lieutenant

This week I managed to get a start on painting my Primaris Marines. I know I said that I was going to paint Buzz Lightyear colours but in the end I have seen other people paint their Marines like that and it seemed like too much of a gimmick for an entire army.

After priming my Primaris in grey, I was looking at them trying to decide what I wanted them to look like. After some thought I decided that I wanted to try a bisected colour scheme as this is something I had never done before. Looking through the Lexicanum Space Marine List, I liked the look of:

Angels Sanguine - A Blood Angels Successor Chapter.
Rejected as I don't want a Blood Angels Successor Chapter.
Black Wings - Unknown Founding or Founding Chapter.
These guys are tempting as I could pick my chapter tactics. 
Crimson Guard- Unknown Founding or Founding Chapter.
Decided I didn't want to paint yellow again. 
Marines Errant - 23rd Founding with Ultramarine geneseed though the Eagle Warriors.
I like this colour scheme, metallic blue and silver look good, but not quite what I want. 
Storm Lords - A second founding chapter of the White Scars.
Again has the problem of tying me into a particular chapter tactic.

Obviously I like metallic colours and red seemed to be a firm favourite so looking at my paints I decided that silver with a metallic red would be the way forward, especially as I didn't want to use a pre-existing chapter. I decided that I would paint the marines in silver and the left side of the marines with the Spirit Stone Red, this took a few coats to get the depth and coverage that I wanted (look forward to a full paint scheme run down in the future).

It's a nice bright colour scheme as you can see. I am going to order some tufts and possibly flock for the base. Whats everyone think?

The only thing left to do is pick a name and symbol for my new chapter, any ideas? Let me know in the comments section!

So that's it for this week! See you next time from the table of a Plastic Addict!