Imperial Fists Painting

If you're anything like me, you dread having to paint white, or yellow. So the question that comes up is why on this planet earth did you choose Imperial Fists for your Horus Heresy army?!?

Well the truth of the matter is that I have always loved the Alexis Polux model from forge world, plus he has superb rules! The other thing that has drawn me into painting Imperial Fists for my army has to do with a long sleepless night where I ended up thinking about how to paint yellow. Over the course of the night I started with a plan of starting at a brown and dry brushing up to a yellow. This was abandoned after some thought about the number of layers that I would need to do across hundred odd Marines/Terminators and even worse any vehicles I choose to get. Next came the 'why don't I just paint it yellow?' Well the simple answer to this is that when painting yellow it always ends up with streaks in it. My final plan, well the final plan seemed like a good idea so I tried it, and it came out like this:

So how did I achieve this look.....

Step 1

Build the model and then prime. This is a model put together from my bitz box, I choose a nice open stance so you can see the chest, usually I paint the bolter separately, but as this is for a quick run down of how I paint I decided this was a bit easier.

Step 2

A few thin coats of Ushabti Bone from Games Workshop's layer range. This gives a nice base colour to work up from.

Step 3

Dry brush with White Scar from Games Workshop's layer range. This gives the edges of the model a slight highlight that is useful for the next layer.

Step 4

Wash the model with Casandora Yellow from the Games Workshop shade range. This gives you the first layer of yellow. Hopefully in the picture you can see the edges of the armour panels that were hit with the dry brush of pure white are a little lighter in colour that the rest of the model.

Step 5

Dry brush with Yriel Yellow from Games Workshop's layer range. This is a super light drybrush again just highlighting the edges.

Step 6

Give the model a coat of Lamenters Yellow from Games Workshop's glaze range. This just brightens the yellow again and gives you that final coat of yellow.

Step 7

Weapons casings, are painted in Khorne Red, with an edge highlight of Evil Suns Scarlet, and washed with the Bloodletter glaze.

Step 8

The armour pieces that show though, like the back of the knees and the cook of the arm are painted in Iron Breaker, and washed with Nuln Oil.

Step 9

All the raised edges, and the grip for the bolter in painted in Abaddon Black.

Step 10

The eyes are given a quick coat of Storm Host Silver, and glazed with Bloodletter.

So that is my method of painting Imperial Fists. How about you, how have you painted yellow?

See you all next time from the Table of a Plastic Addict!